Archangel Raphael

Julia Treat is an internationally renowned psychic medium, angel intuitive, spiritual teacher, author, and podcaster. She opened to her gifts later in life when a dear friend was preparing to leave the physical world. After years of discovery and mastering her abilities she published her first book, Stepping Into the Light: The Miraculous Ways That Our Loved Ones, Angels & Guides Are Able to Let Us Know They Are Near, in 2015. She launched her wildly popular podcast as well, which is nearing one million downloads.

When Julia was at the lowest point in her life, the angels came to her aid and helped her begin her journey of personal transformation. While learning to connect with the archangels, she came to understand that each had their own “specialties.” With these specialties the angels are able to help us in very unique and amazing ways, but you must remember to call on them. The angels aren’t allowed to step in and help unless we do. It was with the help and guidance of these magical beings that Julia was able to heal, open her heart, and spread her wings to soar like never before!

May the voice of the angels remind you of your wings... 

Archangel Raphael, whose name means "Who heals," is THE HEALING ANGEL. He appears as emerald green and helps with the following: heals physical illness; guides healers (and helps them do their work); works hand in hand with Archangel Michael to create healing miracles when you call on them together; angelic blood transfusions (one of the things that the angels did to help Julia heal from lyme disease); turning your thoughts into more loving / healing thoughts; has a band of angels that will come in with them to work on you (just state your intention and they will get to work). 

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