About Me

Julia Treat is an internationally renowned psychic medium, angel intuitive, spiritual teacher, author, and podcaster. She opened to her gifts later in life when a dear friend was preparing to leave the physical world. After years of discovery and mastering her abilities she published her first book in 2015 and launched her podcast, Stepping Into The Light. Julia has been communicating with the higher realms and has a crystal clear connection with the angelic realm. She has built a massive following around the world offering her services online and shares an important message from the angels: To always shine your light and soar towards your dreams.

Thus, Julia's line, "Heart Up Wings Out" came to fruition. Julia has spent her life helping others heal their hearts, spread their wings, and ascend to their highest potential.

The angels helped Julia step into love, believe in her dreams, and soar like never before. Now it's your turn love! Learn more about Julia by visiting her website https://juliatreat.com.